Western District Map

Updated Tuesday January 9, 2018 by Marshall Parchman.

There have been several questions asked regarding eligibility and boundary concerns.  Below you will find all the information to confirm if you are eligible to play in Western and what will be needed to qualify and properly register.

Little League Finder (Find your league) - Use this tool to enter your address and see what league you belong in. 

These maps outline the physical address boundaries.  If you qualify solely from your physical address of residence, you will just need the three proofs of residence outlined in the Residence Eligibility form attached below.

High Level Western District map

Western & Other Leagues District Map

PDF Detailed version of Western District map


If you go to one of the following schools, but you don't live in the boundaries, you are also eligible to play in Western. Please print off the School Enrollment form and take it to the school to be filled out by and administrator or attendance clerk. Once this form has been filled out, it does not have to be filled out again for future seasons unless the child moves to another school. Schools within Western district: 

Elementaries: Bennett, Bowie, Crestview, Harkwick, North Ridge, Oak Ridge, Preston Smith, Wester, Westwind, Whiteside, Willow Bend, Upland Heights

Middle Schools: Frenship, Heritage, Irons, Mackenzie, Terra Vista

Also Lubbock Christian Schools and Kingdom Prep Academy qualify within Western boundaries.


If you previously lived in the boundaries and have moved since the last season, you are still eligible to play, but you need to fill out a Regulation II(d) waiver (found here and attached below) and provide 3 proofs of residence from you former residence. You MUST have 1 proof from the 3 different groups. The requirements are listed on the residence eligibility form which is attached. After completing the form and gathering the 3 proofs, you must get the waiver signed by the president and the district administrator. 

Western + All Leagues District Map
Western Only Boundaries - PDF Detai
Western Only District Map