Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Monday January 9, 2017 by Adam Cavazos.

Q. I live outside Western boundaries, but my child attends a school within Western boundaries, are they eligible to play Western.

A: Yes, he/she is eligible to play at Western. A School Enrollment form must be filled out and kept on file.

Q. I moved out of Western boundaries since last year, but my child played in Western last year, is he/she eligible to play at Western? 

A: Yes, he/she is eligible to play at Western as long as he/she wants.  A Regulation II (d) form must be filled out and kept on file showing 3 proofs of residence in the Western boundaries from the season before. The player is eligible to play Western as long as the player continues to play Western without taking a break. All future siblings are eligible too  A waiver is required for siblings as well, Here is the necessary form:

Q. Do I need a birth certificate to sign-up for little league? 
A: Yes, a birth certificate is required. Once we have one on file, you will not need to produce it for sign-ups in future years. 

Q. Do I have to provide proof of residence to play? 
A: Yes, you must provide 3 proofs of residence to play in Western. To see a list of approved proofs, click here.

Q. Can my player play on the same team he played on last year? 
A: No, we redraft all teams each year. Starting with the 2016 season, the American league will carry over the existing team to the next season, but all other age groups will redraft each spring.

Q. What happens if my player cannot attend tryouts? 
A: Your player will be included in the draft process and be assigned to a team.

Q. What is provided in the registration fee? 
A: A jersey and cap is provided. Guardians are responsible for pants, socks and belts and any equipment such as a glove or bat. Registration fees also pay for scorekeepers, umpires, field maintenance and utilities. 

Q. If I am interested in managing or coaching, what do I need to do? 
A: You need to fill out a volunteer form and provide your driver's license and pass a background check. After that, the league will contact you to interview for a coaching position. If you are selected to coach/manage, you will be required to attend a coach's/manager's training before tryouts and sign a contract with the league.

Q. If I have a complaint about my coach/manager, what do I need to do? 
A: Each league is assigned a player agent who will handle complaints or problems. Click here to find out the name and contact information for your appropriate player agent.